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Base Features



Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget [more]

Track keywords — Empower yourself [more]

Save and reuse drafts — Save hours of typing [more] URL shortening — Shorten your links [more]

View @Mentions & Retweets — Efficiency [more]

Purge your Twitter Tweets — Start over [more]

Secure Twitter access — No passwords [more]

Up to five Twitter accounts — No charge [more]

Facebook Features



Unlimited Facebook accounts — Maximize efficiency [more]


Schedule page wall updates — Be productive [more]


Schedule photo uploads — Be awesome [more]


Secure Facebook Connect access — Peace of mind [more]


Pinterest Features



Unlimited Pinterest Boards — Maximum visibility [more]


Schedule photo uploads for Pins — Get attention [more]


Secure Pinterest account access — Peace of mind [more]


Plurk Features



Unlimited Plurk accounts — Maximize efficiency [more]


Schedule updates — Free up time [more]


Secure Plurk access — Password security [more]


Create Social Updates from RSS Feed Entries



RSS feed updates — Ease Of Use [more]


Submit Social Updates via Email



Tweet via email — Extremely convenient [more]


Many employees feed one social account — With email only [more]


Auto append author tags — Employees cannot override [more]


Only authorized staff can email in updates — Secure [more]


Staff use only email — No additional training [more]


Flat fee pricing — Very affordable [more]


Schedule & Publish Blog Posts and Pages



Integrate blog and social media updates — Set & forget [more]


Manage unlimited number of blogs — Centralization [more]


Write posts with the WYSIWYG editor — Powerful [more]


WordPress, Tumblr, & more — Everything [more]


RSS to Blog — Auto feed your blog [more]


Private Tweet Interests Channels



View predefined channels — Zoom in on interests [more]

Define your own channels — Unlimited groupings [more]


Manage Many Accounts with TweetCOCKPIT



Manage all your accounts — Integrated console [more]


Integrated timelines — Boost your productivity [more]


Filter timelines — Tune in on favorite friends [more]


Highly configurable — Suit your exact needs [more]


Other Highly Sought After Features



Unlimited Twitter accounts — Maximize efficiency [more]


Daily DM Digest Via Email — Easily view all new DMs [more]


Delegate account management — Free up time [more]


Self-destructing (time-limited) updates — Facebook and Twitter [more]


Recurring updates — Without being repetitive [more]


Pause recurring updates — Fine-tune campaigns [more]


Drip-feed social accounts — Without lifting a finger [more]


Bulk upload tweets — Save time [more]


Get all new enhancements — No extra charge [more]


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