Do you have any tips for not violating the Twitter Rules?

Avoid Duplicate Content

It is important to understand that nobody likes a Twitter account that sends duplicate content. In fact, most people will unfollow a Twitter account that's guilty of publishing the same information over and over. If you believe you must publish the tweets over and over again, you may be working against yourself because your followers will either unfollow you or ignore you.

Twitter is extremely vague in terms of what they consider as duplicate content. Nevertheless, we will attempt to provide you with a few common sense tips to avoid sending duplicate content to Twitter.

  1. Do not send the same tweet text to Twitter more than once per day.
  2. Do not send the same URL in a tweet more than once per day.
  3. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, do not send the same tweets or URLs to more than one of those Twitter accounts.
  4. In other words, do not send duplicate content to a Twitter account and do not send duplicate content across Twitter accounts.
  5. Do not abuse our multi-account features with duplicate content or other content that may violate the terms of Twitter and/or any other social network. Our multi-account publishing features are intended to easily send the same update to different social networks.

Avoid Mention Spam

Do not try to use our service to send unsolicited @mentions to anyone. Our @mention scheduling feature is intended to be used sparingly when you want to schedule a mention or reply to a friend who will be expecting a communication from you.

If you try to use our service to send unsolicited mentions to people, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your access to our service.


These common sense tips are just that, namely common sense tips. Twitter does not provide us with more information about their rules than what is publicly available on their support site. Hence, we do not represent or promise that these tips represent an accurate interpretation of the Twitter Rules. The tips are simply what we consider to be "good citizen" behavior of a Twitter account.

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