How do I schedule updates that self-destruct (delete) after a certain period of time?

You can post updates that are automatically deleted from Twitter (Professional and Twitter Advanced Scheduling users) or Facebook (Professional users) after a period of time of your choice. You set that period of time for each individual update.

When you create an update, add the self-destruct code (see below) at the very end of the update text. You will do that either in the New Update form, New Update & Image form, or in the text file that you will bulk upload.

The self-destruct code is not published to Twitter or Facebook. It is removed from the text just before we publish the text. You will see the self-destruct code in the update text in SocialOomph, but nobody else will see it. The code also does not count towards the character limit of the target service (140 for Twitter).

Self-destructing updates work only for updates scheduled and published by SocialOomph. If you add a self-destructing code using the social network's web interface, mobile client, or any other source, that update will not be deleted.

Self-Destruct Code

The self-destruct code tells us the number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years after the publish date that we must delete the update from the social network.

Here are a few quick samples:

#T5D means delete the update from the social network five days after the publish date.

#t10i means delete the update from the social network 10 minutes after the publish time.

#T3M means delete the update from the social network three months after the publish date.

Now for all the options.

The code must be at the very end of the update text.
The code can be uppercase or lower case or a combination.

Character #1: must always be one space (between the last character of the update text and the code itself)
Character #2: #
Character #3: T
Character #4-: a numeric value (must start with 1 to 9, must not be a 0)
Last Character: one of the following:
i (minutes)
h (hours)
d (days)
w (weeks)
m (months)
y (years)

Here are a few more examples.

#t90d - 90 days
#t15w - 15 weeks
#t20d - 20 days
#t2y - 2 years
#t600i - 600 minutes

Here are a few samples including the update text.

Read all about our limited-time special offer! #t7d
Use coupon code STARTREK for a 20% discount on all footwear! #t1m

In both samples, the tweet or Facebook post will be automatically deleted when the special offer or coupon expires. It won't be out there confusing people.

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