How do I automatically create social updates from RSS feed entries?

Many web sites and most blogs publish their content on what is called RSS feeds. In essence an RSS feed is a machine-readable format that makes it easy for other services to consume and process the content of a web site. The content of an RSS feed is published in chronological order, with the latest (newest) entries always at the top.

With our service you can take topical RSS feeds (news, health, economics, etc.) and convert the entries on those feeds into Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts for your blog, and more. Once you've told our service what to do, you do not need to do anything further. We regularly read the RSS feeds and publish the entries in the correct format to the social accounts that you selected.

Start by adding the social accounts that you want to designate as targets for the RSS feed entries with Networks, Connect Social Account in the menu.

Then add the RSS feed as another social account with Networks, Connect Social Account, RSS Feed in the menu. During the adding process you can then designate the selected target social accounts and select several other options to tell us how you want the RSS feed entries processed. You can even supply keywords so that we create a social post only when the RSS feed entry contains one of the keywords otherwise we simply ignore it.

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