What are random queue reservoirs?

Queues that publish according to a random schedule do so by randomly selecting a publishing interval that can range from 10 minutes to 4 hours every time it publishes an update (the interval is used to calculate when to publish the next update). Once the random interval is selected, the queue matches the next publish time to your selected days and hours.

In theory, the maximum number of updates that such a queue can publish is 144 per day (if all randomly selected intervals were 10 minutes). And, in theory, the minimum number of updates is 6 per day. In reality the number of published updates will be somewhere in between those two extremes.

If you want to further limit the maximum number per day, simply select only certain hours of the day.

If you want more updates to go to a social account, simply create more than one random queue and point them all at that social account.

If the queue publishes to more than one social account, the actual time that an update will be sent to a specific social account is offset from the random publishing time by anything between zero and 60 minutes. This is to prevent the same update from being published to several social accounts at exactly the same time.

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