How do I publish hourly updates with a queue reservoir?

Compose twelve or more completely different updates, and then do the following:

  1. Create a queue reservoir with "Posting, Queue Reservoirs, Create New Queue" in the menu. On that form, enter 1 in the text box of the Publish Interval section and select Hour from the dropdown box. Also select the Recycle Updates checkbox. Enter a name for the queue and select your Twitter account. Click Save.
  2. Use Schedule New Update in the menu.Select the Queue Reservoir checkbox, and then select the queue reservoir that you have just created. Enter the tweet text and click Save. Do this for all 12+ tweets that you composed.

The queue reservoir will then publish the 12 updates one every hour, and will start again with the first one when it has published everything. In other words, those 12 updates will always publish, you don't need to do another thing. Of course, you can always add new updates using the same process as in 2).

Also open "Posting, Queue Reservoirs, What Are Queues?" in the menu and click the Related Help button to better understand how to use queues.

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