Are there special consideration I need to be aware of when using my Pinterest application?

You need to be aware the following:

  1. If you have not yet created a Pinterest application then you cannot use SocialOomph to post your Pinterest pins.
  2. You can only have one Pinterest application per SocialOomph user account.
  3. Your Pinterest App ID and App Secret are stored in our system using the strongest 256-bit encryption available today.
  4. Only you can post to Pinterest using your Pinterest application. Our other users will never know about your Pinterest application and can never use it to post to Pinterest.
  5. If you delete your Pinterest application at, all your past pins made with that application are also deleted from Pinterest.
  6. You provide all content (updates and images) that we must post to Pinterest on your behalf, and you alone assume complete responsibility for such content.
  7. You alone configure the frequencies with which we publish your content to Pinterest.
  8. If Pinterest restricts or deactivates your Pinterest application for undesirable content, undesirable posting behavior, or whatever other reason, you alone are responsible and will have no recourse against us.

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