What happens to my scheduled updates during an outage?

Even though our service has an excellent uptime record, it is sometimes necessary for us to take the service offline for required maintenance work.

During such outages, here is what will happen with your scheduled updates.

If we take just the website offline, the backround processes that do the scheduled publishing are normally unaffected, and the publishing of your scheduled updates is not interrupted.

If we take the database down for maintenance, then the publishing of your scheduled updates is interrupted.

When your scheduled updates are interrupted, here is what happens:

  1. Recurring updates will skip over the publishing times that fall in the outage period, and will resume their normal publishing schedule at the next available publishing time following the outage. In other words, you will not get a deluge of published updates after the outage.
  2. Queue reservoirs will also skip to the next available publishing time, and will also not create a deluge of published updates.
  3. Individually scheduled updates will be placed in an error condition in your list of updates if their publishing times are more than 2 hours in the past. You can then edit each of them and reschedule or delete as required. Any updates within the 2-hour period preceeding the end of the outage will be published all at the same time immediately following the outage. Depending on how many updates you have, this could case a temporary deluge of published updates on your account(s).

What To Do

You probably won't want to do anything regardling recurring updates and queue reservoirs. However, if you want to, you can pause them before the outage and remove the pause after the outage. To pause the recurring updates in bulk, use "Posting, Bulk Pause Updates" in the menu. To pause queues, navigate to the list of queues, edit each one, and select the pause option on the edit form.

Individually scheduled updates can also be "paused". Before the outage, use "Posting, Bulk Adjust Scheduled Times" in the menu, and adjust the scheduled times of the updates by 31536000 minutes. That effectively pushes all the scheduled times out by one year. After the outage, adjust the times by -31536000 minutes, which restores the original publishing times.

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