I've just registered a new account, how do I get started using the service?

Welcome to SocialOomph.com! Scroll through the sections below for basic instructions to help you maximize the benefit you get from our service. We offer many powerful features. Feel free to explore. You won't break anything! :-)

Explore the menus

The menu system (the black bar at the top of the page) is grouped by the core functions of our service. Under each core function you will find sub-functions. Some of the sub-functions will present you with tabs, which are sub-options within those sub-functions. For example, click Networks, Connect Social Account in the menu. You'll then see tabs for each of the social networks that we support.

I want to schedule tweets

The first thing to do is connect your Twitter account with Networks, Connect Social Account in the menu. Click the Authorize Access button and follow the prompts on twitter.com to allow our service to access your Twitter account. When successfully added, you will get a confirmation screen.

Now select Posting, Create New Update in the menu. That's the form you will use to schedule tweets for your Twitter account (and other social accounts that you add later).

To view and manage your existing scheduled and published updates, select Posting, Manage Existing Updates in the menu.

I want to receive a tweet digest email

If you have not done so already, connect your Twitter account as described above. Then select Monitoring, Tweet Digest Emails in the menu. That takes you to the form where you enter the keywords for the tweet digest emails.

I want to change my password and other settings

Click your name in the right-hand corner of the black menu bar. That exposes all the user account management functions.

Explore the online help

Select Help, Self-Help Center in the menu to access the online help. Also look for the Related Help button in the top right section of some of the pages. That button shows you context-sensitive help for that particular page that you're viewing.

Ask for help

Select Help, Send Support Request in the menu to ask for help if you get stuck or are unsure of anything. We're here to help you!

Self-Help Index

Can't find the answer to your question? Create a support ticket for personalized support by our staff.