Can I schedule posts for Facebook pages that belong to other people?

If you serve clients whom ask you to post updates to their Facebook pages, then please take note of the following. By default your Facebook application can only post updates to pages where the Facebook personal profile that created the application is an admin.

Personal Profiles

To schedule updates for another Facebook personal profile you have two options, namely:

a) Log in to and navigate to your Facebook application. Click Roles in the sidebar. Add the client's Facebook profile in the Developer section of the application's roles. Navigate to Click Networks, Connect Social Account, Facebook in the menu. Click the Authorize button and log in to Facebook when prompted with the client's personal profile account credentials. Grant the requested permissions.


b) Register a new SocialOomph account, create a Facebook application that belongs to the client's Facebook profile, add the client's Facebook profile as a social account of that dedicated SocialOomph account, delegate the management of the Facebook account to your SocialOomph user account, and schedule updates for the profile in your SocialOomph account.


To schedule updates for a Facebook page that belongs to another Facebook user you have two options, namely:

a) Ask the owner to add your personal Facebook profile as an administrator of the page. When you add your personal Facebook profile to SocialOomph, the page will appear in the list that you can also add as a social account. With this option you do not need to know the password of the other personal profile Facebook account.

b) Use one of the two options listed above under Personal Profiles.

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