How do I add a Facebook account?

First you need to create a Facebook application with this procedure. Then select Networks, Connect Social Account, Facebook in the menu. Next click the Authorize Access button. That will take you to You will now be asked by Facebook to login to your Facebook account (if you don't already have a logged in Facebook session in your browser). Grant the permissions that are requested. Without those permissions our system cannot operate on your Facebook account. (Note, we never see or touch your Facebook login credentials at any point during this process. When you login to Facebook, you're doing it on a page on their system.) If all went well, you will now see your Facebook picture and name.

If you are an Admin of any Facebook pages, those pages will be listed. Select the checkbox for a page and grant the requested permissions to manage that page in SocialOomph. Deselect the checkbox to terminate the management of the page.

If you do have pages and they don't appear here, it means you either have an age restriction or a geographic restriction on the page in Facebook. With those set, Facebook does not allow external management of the page.

A Facebook page will have its own separate entry in your list of social accounts. Meaning, you can schedule updates for it that are not published to your Facebook profile account, and vice versa.

When you revoke access to your Facebook profile account, access to all the Facebook pages connected to that account is also automatically revoked.

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