Affiliate Program

Can It Get Any Easier?

To lock in a referral to your affiliate account and to qualify for earning commissions on your referral's purchases, all your referral must do is sign up for a free account on our system.

Now, it would be completely wrong to see this program as a "lazy man's affiliate program." Sure, you could just send folks to our website and tell them to sign up for a free account. But, guess what? Your conversion rates are going to suck.

To be a successful affiliate and make a lot of money, you must do what successful affiliates, who make a lot of money, do. You must pre-sell your referral. Without doing that, your results will not be as good as you'd hope it would be and know it should be.

How Do You Earn Commission?

You earn a recurring commission of 40% of the subscription fee of every referral of yours that upgrades their account to SocialOomph Professional, and you get that commission for the life-time of your referral's paid subscription to SocialOomph Professional. That means, for as long as your referral pays their subscription fee, you get 40% of it, every single month. If they cancel their subscription, and later upgrade again, then you again start receiving your commission from the time onward.

There's no limit to the number of people you can refer. You can do the math to see what a great affiliate opportunity this is.

2-Tier Commission Overrides

In addition to the already generous commissions you earn on your referrals, you also earn 5% commission override on any of your referrals who also sign up as an affiliate. Note that it is 5% of their commissions that they earn, not 5% of the subscription fees of their referrals.

Commission Stats and Alerts

We provide you with two completely free Windows programs that you can download and install on your local PC. With CommissionAlert you receive real-time alerts when you earn commissisions, and with CommissionStats you see all the details of your affiliate account right there on your local desktop or laptop. You can immediately download these programs from the sidebar of your affiliate control panel after you've signed up and logged in to the affiliate system.

How Do We Track Referrals?

A referral is locked in to your affiliate account as soon as the person signs up for a free account. We use first-party cookie tracking to determine which affiliate referred the person when they sign up. The last affiliate to refer someone to the site before they register their free account gets credit for the referral.

If you refer someone to our site, and they sign up right away, they are immediately connected with you as your referral.

We also place a 30-day cookie on their machine. If they don't sign up right away and return at any time during the next 30 days and sign up for the free account, they're connected with you as your referral (provided that they don't come to the site via another affiliate's link in that 30 day period).

Once a person is connected with your affiliate account, we don't need or use sessions or cookies because the affiliate-referral relationship is permanently recorded in our system.

How Do We Pay Commissions?

All payments are made via PayPal. Unfortunately you cannot be an affiliate if you don't have a PayPal account.

How Do You Sign Up as an Affiliate?

Click here to sign up and open your affiliate account.

Once you've logged in to your affiliate control panel, you will find your affiliate link, plus other marketing collateral that we provide to you.

Where Do You Login?

Existing affiliates, you can login here to access your affiliate control panel.